Classical And Modernist Approach Of Business Organization Essay

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Introduction This essay contains the classical and modernist approach of business organization. Both these theories are very important for an organization to run smoothly. It actually give the managers the base to make the managerial decisions. Classical theory talks about the Henry Fayol’s principles of organization and the modernist theory explains the logical reasons for the making the decision. This essay also contains the information if the logical and modern theories are applicable in the present time. Few aspects of these theories are accepted and few are not valid anymore due to the change in time. Classical Approach Classical approach was made by Henry Fayol in the 18th century. This theory is more about the method of performing a work rather than the personality of the workers in an organization. Henry Fayol took birth in a town in France in 1841 then he got his degree in mining engineering and he started working in a coal company as an engineer.Henry Fayol was known as the “Father of Management Studies and Thoughts”. The reasons he was known for the same are: • He did give the detailed explanation about the differences in the technical and managerial skill. • He explained the important functions of management (planning, organizing ,staffing, directing and controlling) • He developed 14 management principles. Those principles are made as the guidelines for managers to perform managerial activities efficiently and appropriately. Fayol developed that if a person will
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