Classical Music Concert Narrative

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In September, I attended the concert Windfire: Flute and Percussion Spectacular at Rammelkamp Chapel. Paula & John Kasica performed on the flute and percussion with Nancy Shaaf accompanying on the piano. This was my first time attending a live classical music concert. I didn’t know what to expect. My limited experiences with classical music were listening while I studied or using it to fall asleep at night. Honestly, I worried that I might fall asleep during the concert. As it turns out, I had no reason to fret. I brought my two nieces (Mackenzie and Naylani) and my daughter (Talia) along with me to the concert. My girls asked me what to expect and I had no answers for them. The flutist introduced herself and asked if we played…show more content…
Hopelessly, we searched the forest for the man that was no longer there as the haunting melody played. Suddenly, the percussion began and we envisioned our hero dashing in to save us. Our bodies swayed to the rhythm as we saw Ariadne and Dionysius triumphantly dancing. The “Suite Antique” prelude brought us back from the forest and enthralled us with the playing of the instruments. Naylani began lifting her arms as though she were playing the flute herself, mimicking the actions of the flutist and the movements of her body as she drew breaths to play. I watched as the pianist’s fingers moved eloquently. Soon, my fingers strummed upon my knee in my own attempts to replicate the piano playing. As the ostinato took over the stage, our spirits lifted as the music became full of life. Before I knew it, Naylani was dancing like a woodland fairy and having such a good time. Laughter spread as she began playing the flute again as she danced. The aria brought back the slow and soothing music from before and we watched as the artists played. Our gazes were on the instruments of choice as we dreamed of ourselves playing the pieces we were hearing. Feelings of peace and relaxation developed our bodies as we simply enjoyed the music.
Reminiscent of Charlie Brown theme song, we imagined an episode as the waltz played. Charlie Brown walked along as Lucy held a football in hopes of jerking it away at the
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