Classification and Scientific Name of Domestic Pigs

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The scientific name of domestic pigs is Sus scrofa domesticus, or Sus domestica, depending on whom one asks. Sus means “pig”, scrofa means “breeding sow”, and domeseticus means “domesticated” in Latin. Its higher taxonomic order follows so: Domain Eukarya Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Mammalia Order Artiodactyla Family Suidae Genus Sus Species scrofa/domestica Subspecies (only if Species is scrofa) domesticus
Of the domestic pigs, there are subcategories that are not yet officially classified, but only called by their common names in regions where they are available – these unofficial subspecies are selectively bred for sale to farmers and pet-owners. They are bred in North America and Western Europe for pethood, and globally for livestock. The scientific classification Sus domestica was designated to pigs domesticated for a farm setting, but it also encompasses pet pigs, which are truly the same animal, but bred to be much smaller. Pet pigs are my favorite animals. They are called “micro pigs”, “mini pigs”, “teacup pigs”, and “potbelly pigs.” The pig of my interest, the domestic pet pig, can live indoors like a dog or cat, or outdoors in pig-houses. In case of outdoor housing, the owner must be conscious and cautious about compensating for the potential harms of outdoor weather to suit the needs of her pig. Comfortable situation must be provided where comfortable conditions are unavailable. Cold weather – below 4.5 celsius – is not comfortable
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