Classroom : Description Of Optoma Hd25e Projector

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The Optoma HD25e Projector

A Technical Description

Written by: Jacob Schmitz
March 4, 2017

Using Visual Aids in the Classroom: Description of Optoma HD25e Projector Figure 1: Optoma HD25e

The optoma HD25e is (Figure 1) a projection device that functions as a visual aid for an audience. The HD25e is not the same as an overhead projector, as it can project clear and colorful images and also can be connected to a computer and project the screen while an overhead projector can only project the image that is set on top of it. The HD25e has four parts the lamp, the color wheel, the DLP chip, and the lens. The lens is the source of light for the HD25e. The color wheel breaks the colors apart …show more content…

The color wheel and DLP chip are extremely useful in modern projectors because they give off more vivid colors and offer a clearer picture.

There are five major components in the HD25e that have to work together to produce an image. They are the lamp, the color wheel, the DLP chip, and the lens (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Internal Components


The lamp of the HD25e (Figure 4) is the first part needed to be able to create an image. The lamp contains a bulb that shines a high-intensity white light on the color wheel that separates it into the three main colors of light. The HD25e uses bulb made with a metal halide to create its light. This type of lamp is used for the Hd25e because it is cheaper than other lamps so it saves, the owner money when it needs to be replaced. The bulb used in the Hd25e has a lifespan of about 3000 hours of use. Figure 4: Lamp
Color Wheel

The color wheel (Figure 5) of the HD25e is the component that divides

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