Too Much Technology

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I agree with the main argument made by Pinker in her article “Can Students Have Too Much Tech?” however I believe she doesn’t fully understand how bad the problem is. Technology can serve as a valuable tool when applied properly, it can also have a negative impact on a child’s ability to develop socially and mentally as well as hamper their ability to absorb information. This applies to anyone trying to learn, not just children but college students and adults. If they do not have enough self control to focus on their current task then a computer or cellphone will act as a distraction by providing an easy way to find mindless entertainment through social media, videos, and games. For these reasons, while I believe that technology has it’s place in fun and in some ways for learning, it should not be given to younger children and students who would easily be detrimentally affected.

Anyone who has been in a school has seen it. Children tend to get off task whether by talking to friends through notes, doodling on paper, or staring out the windows. Technology increases the difficulty of keeping children’s focus by offering all of these escapes in a compact device that can easily be kept hidden from the teacher. In this way it hurts a person’s education, but if used properly by an instructor it can make a much more interactive and entertaining experience. Projectors allow history teachers to show a battle, computer simulations allow science teachers to show interactive

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