Classroom Management Reflection

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Classroom management is an essential skill that is required of all teachers who wish to be effective teachers. To have good classroom management, teachers need three skills: self-efficacy, classroom experience, and a passion for teaching. Two of these concepts go hand in hand. If a teacher is passionate about their profession, they will have a strong sense of self-efficacy. Wolff, Jarodzka, and Boshuizen (2017) state that “learning to manage a classroom and teach effectively is complicated, and the majority of the knowledge and skill development required for effective teaching takes place within the classroom itself” (p. 295). This means that not all teachers start at the same level. There will always be room for improvement, and teachers will continue to grow and get better as time goes on. There are many different factors that play into good classroom management, but by far the main three needed are self-efficacy, classroom experience and passion. When the course first began, I assumed that the concept of classroom management would be fairly straightforward. To the untrained eye, individuals are either “good” or “bad” teachers. If a classroom is filled with chaos, then that instructor is a “bad” teacher. By this logic, an individual who handles a room full of students effortlessly is a “good” teacher. However, it is only now as we near the end of the course that I realize that things are not that simple. All teachers, whether “good” or “bad,” are capable of having good
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