Classroom Reflection Paper

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There are many different types of attachments that I have observed in the Magnolia classroom. Some are attachments to the children’s personal belongings and others are attachments to people, such as the teachers. Growing out of these attachments is good for the children’s social-emotional development. Petersen (2012) stated, “From good prenatal health care and nutrition through developmentally appropriate early experiences in relationships and in exploration, the young brain should be forming as a learner” (p. 175). I am observing this developmental change in the classroom. When I first started out in the Magnolia room, I noticed that Ellie and Maddie had attachments to Erin. Every time Erin would leave, Ellie or Maddie would start to …show more content…

One day Alice came over and wanted to look at the book as well and sit on my lap in the rocking chair. Chloe looked over at Alice as she approached us on the chair because Chloe didn’t really want Alice to come sit with us. However, when Chloe saw that Alice sat next to me in the chair she was okay with that. Wingert (2005) discusses how infants and toldders begin to infer what others are thinking by following the gaze of those around them “”by understanding others’ gaze, babies come to understand others’ minds.” Chloe already had an idea of what Alice was going to do, which was essentially try to join in the reading time with me, which created jealousy. When Alice started to point at pictures in the book Chloe pushed Alice’s hand out the way because she did not want share the reading time. After I spoke to Chloe and Alice about the problem, they both listened to the book in contentment until snack time. I explained to Alice that Chloe had chosen this book and was reading it but that Alice could pick another book out next that she wanted to read. I also explained to Chloe that she can use her words and say “tell Alice that the book was busy”, then Chloe repeated “busy” to Alice. They are both learning how to interact with each other to develop their social-emotional skills. I have observed that children can become jealous with sharing attention from the teachers with other children. In the case, with

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