Effects Of Solitary Play On Child Development

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Play is extremely valuable to the development of children, it helps them grow strong muscles. endurance and balance, on the other hand play will also tire them and help them sleep. From infancy through childhood there is a desire for play, an activity that they chose to do which brings pleasure. Play helps to build confidence, form social and language skills, consequently learns to care about others while developing their physical abilities.
Unoccupied behavior:
There are different stages that children enter, master and flow into the next. The first one is the unoccupied behavior, which includes the child involved with him or herself, not focusing or playing with anyone. This type of behavior might follow around an adult or sit alone. Moreover,
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They tend to use objects for what it is not reimagined. For example, a cardboard box, this is a fascinating object with so many characteristics which the child with discover. Other toys for stimulation during solitary play could involve toy cars, for identifying and classifying objects, making cars crash teach cause and effect, along with interlocking blocks which encourages hand-eye coordination. During this time of development, the child may not appear to be at play, however the eyes, ears are open and the brain is taking in data and trying to decipher the…show more content…
The activities may be the same or different however their interest in the each other will be from a short distance. They may choose to use the same object but doesn’t engage the other child. The eyes are constantly soaking in information that makes them ready for the next stage of play, cooperative play.
Cooperative Play
When the child plays with other children in coordinated play, it is for a common interest or goal. This involves large motor activity, socialization and can be loud. For the outdoor activities, consider the seasons, raking leaves, followed by jumping into the piles. Planting or weeding, swimming, playing with water toys, and friends, accordingly the large muscles are used during these activities. Cooperative play can be fostered by putting out building materials and encouraging the children to build something together. A dress up trunk, is a great way to support cooperative play and proves to be very enjoyable.
Allowing children, the freedom to explore, in a safe and loving environment remains the best condition for a child to develop a sense of self-worth, compassion and generosity. It is important to remember that all children develop at different
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