Clean Water Pollution

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The lack of clean drinking water around the world is a highly discussed global issue. Many people are affected by this problem and it has a large negative effect on a large percentage of the world. 31.25% of people do not have access to properly treated, clean, safe water. This issue continues to grow everyday and many people continue to suffer. The reason this topic needs to be addressed is that the people in the world affected by their lack of clean water are suffering, contracting diseases, and dying, because of the conditions they live in. Moreover it is a large issue and affects millions, if not billions of people. The clean water shortage that plagues our world is important to discuss and be aware of, because it is a huge global problem and needs a solution right away. The problem is important, because people suffer everyday and don’t live good lives in the condition and state their world is in. Water is necessary to survival and having no access to safe water can lead to death, which then affects the entire population of the country. A single death may not seem impactful, however one death may lead to ten more, and more after that. The people dying most likely had a job and if people keep dying soon the population will be too small to hold up the economy. If an economy in a country collapses the entire world could be affected. As an effect of this, the goods that the country produces would no longer be able to be shipped and from there things could get
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