Clear Vision Inc's Branding Pricing and Distribution

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Branding, Pricing, and Distribution
Clear Vision Inc.'s Background
Clear Vision, Inc.'s core competency is provision of traditional contact lenses. In a bid to satisfy the needs of its increasing range of customers, it has undertaken to focus on creating conventional liquid drop contact lenses. Its customers are transforming from wearing the traditional contact lenses to liquid drop lenses. It intends to use state of the art technology to create liquid lenses. Its opportunities and strengths are based on its competition and the impending expansion into other market territories. Customary contact lenses pose serious competition to liquid drop lenses. This is the most outstanding weakness Clear Vision Inc. has. Price wars are likely to emerge because Vision Inc.'s competitors are more likely to introduce a similar product. Clear Vision Inc. has a loyal customer base this gives them an edge with regard to marketing and promoting liquid drop contact lenses which its competitors do not have. Clear Vision Inc.'s business model allows the consumers of its products to view the new model of lenses as a quality product, personal need, convenient, and reasonably priced. The uniqueness of liquid drop contact lenses gives the company an edge over their competitors that presently provide traditional contact lenses. Besides, Clear Vision Inc. uses state of the art systems with scientific testing and development capabilities. The company's weakness is attributed to inability of the

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