Clients Verbal And Nonverbal Communication In Patients

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Clients verbal and non-verbal behavior Student’s response to client’s verbal and nonverbal behavior Communication technique & rationale for student’s intervention Students evaluation of intervention with client: Effective or Ineffective and why? If ineffective, which technique could you have used Patient sitting up in bed with room dark, quiet and I am facing her. My plan is to discuss her plans from this point forward. 1. Good morning, Ms. S., my name is Debra; I am a student nurse at SPC. (Establishing eye contact while approaching in a friendly manner) 1. Greeting the patient: It is necessary in order to have an appropriate start for the conversation. 1. Effective, I had the impression that she wanted to talk with someone. 1. She dropped her hands from her face, wiping her nose and eyes with a tissue. Looked over at me and nodded her head, still nonverbal. 2. How are you today? (still maintaining eye contact) 2. Therapeutic, because most cancer patients are not okay. 2. Interpreting Effective, I was interpreting her unexpressed feelings with her nonverbal behavior. 2. “I don’t know. I’m not as scared as I was when I got here, but I have a lot of questions about it.” 3. What form of cancer did the doctor say you have? 3. Therapeutic, She really is trying to focused on keeping her O2 sat within normal limits 3. Effective, Trying to use open-ended questions. 3. It is Lung cancer and besides the other therapies being suggested they are talking about

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