Climate Change : An Article By Business Insider

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For the last decade there has been a topic that everybody has either something positive or negative to talk about, and that would be climate change. It is something where people are trying to figure out the main reason that is causing climate change. One of the main reasons that people believe is the problem are big corporations. Some of the worst companies from an article by business insider are Archer Daniels Midland, AES, PPL, Progress Energy, Duke Energy, FirstEnergy, Southern, Bunge, American Electric Power, Ameren, Consol Energy, ConAgra Foods, Allegheny Energy, NRG Energy, Peabody Energy. (Yarow, J. (2009).) Most of these companies that were listed are mainly energy companies, which could explain why they are listed as the fifteen worst companies that are destroying our environment. All of these companies do something that contributes in destroying climate change from polluting, not trying to use other resources that are more environmental friendly, and not having any environmental policies. What also makes them worst is that these companies do not know what environments that they are destroying when making and selling their product. From an article from Quartz called the world’s biggest forest destroyers don’t even know what forests they’re are destroying, talks about how there is many countries do not even know that the products they are making are causing a damage to the environment. “Overall, though, the response rate was just 21%, CDP said, leaving massive gaps
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