Climate Change And Global Warming

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When it comes to the phenomenon of global warming, we are not talking about the temperature of the hot summer this year than last year, but we are talking about climate change, the major changes affecting the environment, atmosphere and climate in general. Climate change is affecting ecosystems on earth and directly impacts the daily lives of people. The warming of the global climate can cause serious consequences. The ecosystem is destroyed. Climate change and carbon dioxide are increasing challenges of our ecosystem. The consequences of such shortages of fresh water, polluted air, energy and fuel scarcity, and health issues related not only affects our lives but also the problem of birth. Climate change causes the loss of biodiversity. Earth 's temperature is currently making the species disappeared or are in danger of extinction. About 50% of animal and plant species would face the risk of extinction if temperatures in 2050 increased from 1.1 Earth to 6.4 ° C again. This loss is due to loss of habitat for fallow land, deforestation and warmer sea water. The biologists found that there were some animals migrated to the poles to habitat suitable temperature. For example, the red fox, previously they often live in North America, it has moved up to the Arctic. Man is not outside influence. Condition wild land and rising sea levels threaten our habitat. And while plants and animals lost synonymous with food, fuel and our income are gone. The climate change also causes the war

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