Climate Change And Local Waste Disposal Problems

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Since the 20th century, there has been an increasing number of people beginning to pay more attention to environmental issues from global climate change to local waste disposal problems. There are many reasons that have caused the environment pollution. Graedel and Howard-Greenville (2005) give one of the reasons that in the process of traditional producing, the environmental pollution can not be avoided. In order to deal with this issue, eco-design as a new concept is proposed by people. The definition of eco-design given by Wrisberg et al.(2012) is that the designing of a product is based on a science to reduce the impact on environment. Therefore, Pigosso (2013) claims that eco-design is very important in industry and companies will be provided support and guidance. But, Moultrie et al.(2015a) state that the cost as a barrier is the most prominent difficulty when eco-products are designed. However, the rest of the paper will argue that there are many obvious benefits for eco-design such as less pollution, sustainable development and increased profits. In the following, this paper is going to analyse this issue in terms of environment, firms and individuals.

One obvious benefit of using eco-design product is that it makes a great contribution to protect environment. It is a fact that our societies have to face a rising number of environmental impacts and limitation. This has been proven to be close with increasing production and consumption rate when a great difference of
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