Winnemucca's Drought

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The Driest Drought of My Life Time What are a few problems in and around Winnemucca, NV and how can they be fixed? Well, Winnemucca, NV is located right smack in the middle the Great Basin Desert. For the past few years the Great Basin Desert has been in a tremendously huge drought. The Humboldt River that used to be full of water year round has dropped dramatically to the point it is almost completely dry for the past few years. Also, this drought has continued for many years; it was only supposed to last a few years not as many as it is now been predicted. This drought is causing water shortages in almost every lake, river, or reservoir in northern Nevada. This problem cannot be easily fixed. In order to fix it, we will need not just …show more content…

Everyone around the country needs to work to lower emissions into the air to reduce the greenhouse gases trapping heat in the atmosphere. I am not a fan of electric vehicles but, they are better for the environment than gas or diesel vehicles. They release less gases into the air and can be recharged almost anywhere with solar panel charger adapters. Some companies like, Tesla and VIA (General Motors Company) have made a dream for a person to own and be able to afford one. This town, Winnemucca, is right in the middle of the Great Basin Desert which is in the middle of a drought crisis. Since this drought started here, it is causing the climate to change dramatically. Every year since I can remember, Winnemucca has received less and less snow and rain. Our lakes, rivers, and reservoir are showing and proving that. Rye Patch, which is a reservoir a few miles west of Winnemucca, used to have plenty of water to fill it enough to be three quarters up the boat ramp. Now this reservoir has a record breaking low. This reservoir is so low, you cannot even put a fishing boat in …show more content…

If everyone changed one habit, it could have a huge impact to our community. Changing one habit like throwing away plastic to recycling them to be reused can reduce the amount of plastic being thrown on to the ground at the dump. If everyone recycled plastic cups, silver wear, and bottles, there would be less and less waste in our local dump. You can almost recycle anything. You can reuse old wooden planks to make just about anything. It is easy to recycle, just think of what you can use it for before throwing it in the trash. If you can reuse it or if anyone else can reuse it do not throw it away, reuse it. That is what we can as a whole country can do to help to reduce this drought by

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