Climate Change

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1-Introduction for climate change
• Background information
• Definition of climate change 2-Body:
A- The causes of climate change
• The causes of climate change
• Natural causes of climate change

B- Effects of climate change
• Human effects on climate change
• Greenhouse gases effect
• Changing in the ecosystems.

C- Solutions for climate change:
• Avoid cutting trees and forests
• The use of the renewable resources
• Sequestration

3- Conclusion:
• The industrial countries should make conferences to reduce the causes that leads to climate change

Climate change is a rising issue of importance in our day and age, and one that is threatening our global
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However, the effects for climate change are not only due to natural effects, there are also human activities which contribute to climate change by causing changes in Earth’s atmosphere in the amounts of greenhouse gases, and cloudiness. The largest known contribution comes from the burning of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases affect climate by incoming solar radiation and out-going infrared (thermal) radiation that are part of Earth’s energy balance. Changing the atmospheric abundance or properties of these gases and particles can lead to a warming or cooling of the climate system. The human impact on climate during this era greatly exceeds that due to known changes in natural processes, such as solar changes and volcanic eruptions.

Moreover, the first human effect for climate change is the greenhouse Gases in which human activities result in emissions of four principal greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and the halocarbons (a group of gases containing fluorine, chlorine and bromine). These gases accumulate in the atmosphere, causing concentrations to increase with time. Significant increases in all of these gases have occurred in the industrial era (see Figure 1). All of these increases are attributable to human activities. Carbon dioxide has increased from fossil
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