Clinical Audit Case Study

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COMPARE PERFORMANCE WITH CRITERIA AND STANDARDS Clinical audit is a change process therefore all audits must include a programme for change activity as a consequence of audit findings (Burgess, 2011). This process begins with the analysis of the data collected, identifying the clear areas of underperformance, and how it can be improved as well as areas of over performance (Shankar et al., 2011). IMPLEMENT CHANGE The implantation of clinical practice change is often the most difficult part of an audit project. The specific changes needed will be determined by the specific circumstances of the audit the clinical area under audit but needs to include provisions for staff education and may include new protocols and guidelines (Shankar et al., 2011). Changing staff behaviour to follow guidelines is a complex …show more content…

Changes to work practices may initially appear to improve safety but may actually not prove to be any safer. This consequence are often over looked and the failure is usually contributed in part by the failure of operating theatre staff to follow the safety protocols, and a general resistance to new practices over those that are familiar to staff (DeGirolamo, Courtemanche, Hill, Kennedy, & Skarsgard, 2013). The audit is a cyclical process and forms part of continuous quality improvement system. Re-audit is the final stage of the audit cycle and should be conducted within twelve months of any changes implemented. A re-audit should collect a second data set of a comparable number from the first, the objective of which is to review the changes implemented following the initial audit, identifying any further areas of clinical practice improvements (Shankar et al., 2011).

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