Clinical Diagnoses Of Bipolar Disorder

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Clinical diagnoses of Bipolar disorder, (BP) and schizophrenia (SCH) symptoms that are related to mental illness have increased dramatically within the last several years, and treatment is becoming more specialized. But, unless you study these disorders, or have some degree in psychology, the basis of your knowledge of these disorders comes from media, movies and newspapers. Mass media is the public’s primary source for information so when they decide to present breaking news about some criminal felon who reportedly suffers from mental disorders such as bi-polar or schizophrenia, that is now the population’s idea of the mental disorder. Ultimately misleading the population’s perception due to one story about a single person. .
The public is regularly exposed to mass media messages that involve negative and untrue information about BP and SCH. The constant flow of violent news stories, movies, video games, and television dramas builds up a tolerance over time that makes viewers insensitive to hardened programming. Millions have learned to accept this type of media as the new norm and it actually creates a lucrative market demand for more. Media corporations respond by producing an increasing amount of media products for an expanded and interested population. Ironically, the more consumers immerse themselves into this type of programming; they believe they are well-informed about mental illness like BP and SCH. So, why is it the general public is totally shocked when they

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