Close Friends In African Adolescent Behavior: Article Analysis

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In the article The Role of Close Friends in African American Adolescents’ Dating and Sexual Behavior the authors focused on adolescents and how their friends can have an influence on them and their decisions. Adolescents can influence who their friends date and what activities they will engage in. Namely, if adolescents have friends who are dating and engaging in sexual activities they are more likely to mimic their behavior. Adolescents spend majority of their time with their friends, so they often imitate their behavior. For instance, if an adolescent has a friend that is dating they are more likely to start dating. More simply, adolescents are more likely to mimic their friends’ behavior. In addition, adolescents learn about dating, sexual …show more content…

The results illustrated how adolescents communicate with one another, and how their friendships can influence their behavior. For instance, adolescents are more likely to communicate openly and engage in the same activities with close friends. More simply, the closer the friendship or bond, adolescent are willing to maintain their closeness by communicating openly and share similar experiences. The authors did well in describing and analyzing their results, because they showed how a close relationship could affect adolescents. For instance, strong relationships could affect who adolescents date, what activities they will engage in, what experiences they will share. More simply, strong relationship made adolescents more open minded and more willing to communicate openly. However, the weakness of the article included how African American adolescents were above or below other racial groups, when pertaining to friendships and sexual behavior. Illustrating where other racial groups stood with friendship and sexual behavior could have made the article stronger. An interpretation that the authors overstated how adolescents depend on their friends’ experience and opinion when making their own decisions about relationship. More simply, adolescents will form their own opinion based off their friends’ experiences or feelings. Weakness in the article had an effect on the interpretation of the results and conclusion because it seemed

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