The Role Of Family, Religion, And Family Shape The Experiences Of Young Black Men

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Balaji, A. B., Oster, A. M., Viall, A. H., Heffelfinger, J. D., Mena, L. A., & Toledo, C. A. (2012). Role flexing: How community, religion, and family shape the experiences of young black men who have sex with men. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 26(12), 73-737. This journal article explores the role that family, religion and the African American community plays on the experiences of young black men who have sex with other men through in-depth interviews. Interviews were conducted from sixteen participants. Seven participants were HIV-positive while the remaining nine participants were HIV-negative. The results from the study indicated that homosexuality is highly stigmatized amongst young black men’s family, religious community and the African American community. To avoid instances of homophobia from family, religion and the black community, some participants engaged in role flexing. This is when black males who have sex with other men, modify their behavior who they cannot be suspected of being gay. Although perspective can be measured through quantitative research, stories cannot. It allows a reader to get a true insight to the struggles associated with being gay and black from a multiple of different elements such as family, religion or the black community. Through reading the text, the authors’ literature review led me to ask more questions about certain points made. I also gained a series of questions after reading the participants stories. I want to discover if there

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