Closure of Public OHV Areas Essay

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Closure of Public OHV Areas

Some years ago a new form of recreation came about known as an Off Highway Vehicle(OHV). Today these high powered, light weight vehicles come in many forms with anywhere from four to two wheels. There are many areas across the United States for such vehicles to be driven but as of today there are some groups out there who wish to close the areas in which these vehicles can be used. One area in particular, located outside of Yuma on the California and Arizona border has been subjected to many threats recently and those who use the land for its recreational purposes have had to fight to keep the land that was originally granted to them for use by the US government. This one area is what many would call a …show more content…

There are no valid points brought to light by the CBD to logically explain why the imperial sand dunes outside of Yuma need to be closed to off road use. To look into this argument requires that you look more deeply into the issues that are really at hand. Now that the CBD has no claims that support what they actually stand for, that being of something environmentally related, they must now tread onto foreign territory saying such things as “While most people who come to the Imperial Sand Dunes respect the law and each other, as ABCNEWS reported, crimes such as alcohol and drug abuse and acts of violence and vandalism have grown in recent years and become a serious issue (” and “It's just a rave party mentality with offroad vehicles mixed with violence, It's just a crazy area” (James Gilbert). These are the new arguments coming forth from the sierra club activists now that their bet which they had so heavily weighted their chips has fallen through. To make statements such as this clearly shows the weaknesses in the CBD’s argument because they have had to leave their original stance and move onto something that does not concern them what so ever. To make a claim such as this would be the same as if the CBD said there should be no more rock and roll concerts because of the violence and drug use that is associated with them. The aforementioned claim is of no relevance to what the CBD is arguing for and in turn should be immediately

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