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This report was commissioned by the committee of the North West Trust for the Protection of Wildlife to analyses the financial statements of two project proposals for the Trust.

The First statement is a projection profit statement for running a quad bike activity center by Winston Barkwith.

The Second and Third statement are a comparison of Johnathan's and Ingrid's proposal without or with Local Authority funding.


Winston's proposal does not appear to be in the best interests of the Trust in relation to its three main aims.

Questions remain to be answered about the source of Revenue for Winston's proposal.

Johnathan and Ingrid's proposal with the prospect of Local Authority funding and is deeply in the …show more content…

There is no mention of where Winston's set up costs come from - we are not told if they are financed or paid for and will the trust be expected to fund these?

The Surplus money from Winston's project is going to him it is not being re-invested in the Trust.


Winston's proposal does not fit in with the three aims of the trust:

The natural habitat of the Kites and other wildlife maybe destroyed as a new track will be built and existing trees will be cut down.

The petrol pollution from the Quads may kill the small rodents which is the main food source for red kites.

The local residents and community will not benefit from the local countryside. Health and safety laws would have to be considered if it was to remain open to the public.

Winston's proposal does not facilitate the education of the regions young people.

The local residents and community may be unhappy if they hear what they have lost through Winston's proposal. They may even protest against the felling of trees and new tracks been made.

It could attract a lot of unwanted attention for Winston from the media. Eco warriors could take up residence in the woodland. Winston's Rich clients may not like the unwanted attention and they

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