Cloud Computing And The Internet

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Cloud computing allows a group of services and networks which work together to provide storage and information. Cloud computing means resource offered as a rental over the Internet instead of storing information on your own drive you can directly use it on the Internet without downloading it. Take an example of a software organization where a customer asked for an application with java platform to fulfill the customer requirement. We cannot by the whole software investing so many bugs instead we can rent it online using cloud. Which is cost effective. Research towards cloud computing is receiving a lot of appeal from both scholastic and manufacturing sectors. Clouds can provide many types of services like maps, games etc., and infrastructures like nimbus and like windows azure. Data stored in cloud is highly confidential like data related to medical records and social networks. Security and privacy of such data is very important. Users should be provided with valid authentication as the data is very confidential. User privacy is also required so that there is no data leakage. We should also protect the cloud from hackers. In server clouding attack, the files in the cloud can be modified. To protect the cloud from these attacks the data should be encrypted. Efficient search should also be provided for encrypted cloud storage. The cloud should not have a self-query but should provide relevant

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