Cloud Computing Challenges And Concerns

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Cloud Computing Challenges and Concerns Dazhi Zhang Abstract Cloud computing is an internet-based storage and management computer. It is a flexible, efficient, economic, environment friendly IT technology. For these advantages and the big business value of cloud computing, thousands of companies and institutions in different industries have begun to use cloud computing technology. For the widely use of cloud computing, now we are in the age of cloud computing. How to deal with its challenges has become a problem we are feeling obliged to face, especially the security issues. This research paper will first describe some characteristics and definitions of cloud computing. In section two, I will show two kinds of patterns of cloud computing,…show more content…
Secondly, the diversity of enabling technologies supporting cloud computing and ongoing development make cloud computing changing fast. Thirdly, cloud computing is not a common knowledge for everyone. Some people still do not know it. Fourthly, the high exposure to the public highlights its functions and features, which weakens its nature. Finally, cloud computing technology is still developed by or institutions. It is very likely that those entities combining their own vision and benefits with cloud computing. So it does make a phenomenon that same definition with different ways to say. Generally speaking, cloud computing is a new service pattern that are provided to customers over network on leased basis and able to scale up or down their service requirements. It is a new kind of IDC (Internet Data Center). Cloud computing is very similar with traditional IDC. For instance, they have the same operating pattern. They both provide basic resource and leasing them for profits. Also, they have same target customers group. However, the main differences between IDC and cloud is the scale of resources, the ability of providing services, and the transparency of service. According to the definition of cloud computing determined by NIST, cloud computing has following main characteristics. First, cloud computing is a
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