Cloud Computing

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It is very hard to imagine a world without computers! Everywhere you look computers are at work attempting to provide one service or another and make our lives easier. Computers, in one form or another can be found in vehicles, from cars, trucks and motorcycles to larger scale methods of transportation such as airplanes and trains. They are in your television set, your VCR, etc. But when we conjure up the image of a computer usually our first thought is of a PC, otherwise known as a personal computer. Personal computers have completely revolutionized the way the world, lives, works and conducts business. Strictly-speaking, computers arrived on the scene way back in 1936 when one Konrad Zuse produced what was then called the Z1 computer.…show more content…
How exciting and wonderful it would be if the computer were nothing more than an Internet browser “a digital window pane on the web.” Imagine being able to access all of your personal data at any given moment. Imagine having the ability to organize and mine data from any online source. Imagine being able to share that data—photos, movies, contacts, e-mail, documents, etc.—with your friends, family, and coworkers in an instant. This is what cloud computing promises to deliver. Cloud computing can broadly be described as on-demand computing, for anyone with an Internet connection. Access to applications and data anywhere, anytime and from any device is the potential outcome of this emerging technology. At its most basic level, the "cloud" is simply the Internet, or the vast array of servers around the world that comprise it. Whether one realizes it or not, we have all been using cloud-based services. Pretty much everyone with a computer has been. Web-based email programs, like Yahoo or Hotmail, are familiar examples of cloud-based applications. These programs live on servers, not on one’s PC, and one can access them through a Web browser.
Cloud computing is a new and much-needed technology that provides resources over the Internet and is extremely accessible to those who use the service. Applications are stored on an off-site server, thus eliminating the need to install any software on their computers for users to be able
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