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CLOUD COMPUTING PRASHANT G.PANDEY SANDEEP D. SINGH 3rd Author TIMSCDR TIMSCDR 3rd author's affiliation C-502, Silver Oak Appt., Beverly park B-201, New Garden view, Tulinj Road, 1st line of address Mira Road (E), Thane-401107. Nalasopara (E), Thane- 401209 2nd line of address Mob. No. +91- 09322119824 Mob. No. +91- 09850394576 Telephone number, incl. country code 3rd E-mail ABSTRACT As with any new trend in the IT world, enterprises must figure out the benefits and risks of cloud computing and the best way to use this technology. The buzz around cloud computing has reached a fever pitch. Some believe it is a disruptive trend representing the next stage in the evolution of…show more content…
Cloud computing is :  Environment friendly  Task oriented  Requires no Maintenance It gives user the benefit of separating application code from physical resources and to use external assets to handle peak loads. 2.1.1 Security Security is the most important thing for an organization or and company. If a company has a very big portal then we cannot say that the company is really very big but if the security of the company should be well assured that it is safe . Hence, I can say that Security is the most important hurdle for an organization to keep its data & policies undercover so that only the recommended people can have an access to it. With their business information and critical IT resources outside the firewall, customers worry about their vulnerability to attack. 2.1.2 Technical Hardware & Software Expertise Users need equipment and resources to customize cloud computing services more relevant and more tailored to the needs of their businesses. Proper man-power is needed to develop the applications to suit a business’s needs. The availability of physical hardware and software components need to be ensured for realizing the benefits of cloud computing. According to the writings of Hinchcliffe(2009, p. 261), wider technical fluency and expertise in the selected cloud computing platforms, which tend to emphasize technologies such as Open Source or newer web-style programming languages and

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