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Cloud Gaming
Youjiao Sun, Student,301151619,
Abstract—Cloud gaming is a promising solution for players to have high quality gaming experience using low- end devices. Back in the year 2000, it is still a concept introduced by the industry. Thanks to the recent research progress in cloud related technology, this idea is turning into reality. Cloud gaming uses the latest cloud based video streaming and server technology to enable everything you could have on high-end ones to run on almost any device.
In this survey, we will have a look at basic structure of cloud gaming, technology used for video streaming and some real world examples.
Index Terms—Cloud Gaming, OnLive, Gaikai, Nvidia.
Streaming video and music to TVs, PCs and tablets using cloud services like Netflix, You tube,
Pandora and Spotify has become a popular way to enjoy life. It is almost impossible to refuse the convenience of cloud-managed libraries of content with streaming-anywhere capability. Also video game market has always been a important part for entertainment industries. For example, the global video game market is expected to grow from 66 billion US dollars in 2010 to
81 billion in 2016. Cloud gaming, renders the gaming application in the cloud remotely and stream the encoded game scenes to the client over the Internet. The input signals from our controllers are transmitted back to the cloud server.
The idea of cloud gaming is inspiring for some reasons. 1) The system

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