Cloud Or On Premise : Where Should We Go?

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Cloud or On-premise Where should we go? Jason Rivera VP IT As businesses have noticed over the last decade the initial cost of storage and bandwidth continue to diminish rapidly. As a result the offerings of Cloud-based services have become more and more attractive to businesses which are seeking to reduce their software licensing costs. It is now coming into the light that the Cloud provides businesses with cost-effective alternatives, organizations need to be cautious and not fall into the ‘all Cloud’ solution trap. We all know that there is no one-model-fits-all and rather than jumping out of the pan and into the fire into the Cloud, Organizations should investigate and plan how they can maximize the benefits of their existing set-up …show more content…

This model survived for nearly two decades until the introduction and adaptation of the personal computer. The Personal computer brought down the cost and permitted everything to be done on premise. As a result businesses would have all their data and networking on site, enabling their employees to access information at an instant. This allowed businesses to become more efficient and costs were contained. In the beginning of the millennia the internet revolutionized the world and the way people and organizations alike did business. The impact now was capacity was reached a point where it was now feasible to offer IT/business application services to companies through the internet on a pay per use basis. Some believed that this would circumvent the need of costly IT departments. The offering companies could now procure the needed infrastructure to other businesses quicker and only having to pay for what was needed. As a result of the new offerings on-premise methodology started to lose its appeal and we now headed back to the future as we veered back to the all cloud computing Are our current cloud offerings attractive? As we begin to look at the state of the Software as a Service (SaaS) market is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. Gartner estimates show the current offerings for SaaS and Cloud services are showing strong and consistent growth, however this estimate also shows that

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