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This particular case depicts the history and issues faced by a relatively small company active in the custom architectural millwork industry for the past 25 years. The new owners wanted the newly-acquired company to grow even further.
The first few months seems to have been a success - Marcus spent a lot of his time with employees and customers, learning the field since he was, as mentioned in the text, an "outsider". However, keeping the company's integrity and image intact was a priority.

However, the problems outlined in the case seems to start - or at least have been worsened - with what will become CMR's largest account, Blackstone Homes.

Problem Identification

After reviewing the text in question, three major problems stand
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We could therefore expect lower level of sales and revenues in the future.

Alternatives generation

While we will mostly concentrate our alternatives on the three points mentioned above, we will also include other alternatives, even if they may not be realistic or feasible in the short/medium term.

1) Review customers change requests:
We obviously cannot stop change requests and modifications made by the customers. The company and its employees pride themselves by offering flexibility and higher customers' satisfaction. It would be therefore self-destructive for CMR to put a term to these showrooms. Any person also deserve to have reasonable alternative options when they are buying an object, a home more than anything.

However, there is a clear misunderstanding between CMR and Blackstone Homes regarding the fixed allowances for kitchen ($6,000) and the final cost of the installation. In order to solve this issue, it may be a good thing to review the billing part:
Instead of having the installation costs "forwarded" to the contractor, all expenses over $6,000 (parts + labor) should be charged to the homeowners themselves; customers can have access to all options made available by CMR, whilst eliminating cost forwarding and the said related disagreements.

2) Software adaptation
It seems clear from the text that the whole issue also come in part from InfoCentral. In order to remediate this issue, we would suggest that all account managers from CMR and
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