Coach Case Study : Coach Inc.

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Introduction Signified by two interweaving C’s, Coach Inc., has established itself as a fashion brand structured around modern designs and quality leather. Founded in a New York City loft in 1941, Coach has consistently delivered its customers luxury leather goods backed by great customer service, which has helped lead to its success 73 years later. Coach has attributed much of their success to modern designs and integrated marketing strategies, which keep their customers involved. Primarily focused on women’s handbags, Coach has started expanding its market to men’s apparel and shoes in recent years. A well-established reputation and business, Coach still have many areas to improve upon, and these opportunities will be explored in this paper. Target Market According to, Coach Inc. targets people between the ages of 20 to 40 inclusive. Currently, 85% of the consumer market is female and 15% are males. Out of all the females buying Coach Products, according from the US census Bureau, about 21% of them are ranges from ages 20-34, sixteen percent of them are from the ages of 35-44, and about eighteen percent of them are ages 45-60. From the description of the and, Coach has chosen a target market made up of people that have high and disposable incomes in urban cities and is seeking to get people that have middle incomes. Coach currently operates in two reportable segments, which are North America and International. The

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