Coca Col Strategic Expansion Of Businesses

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UNGC: Strategic Expansion of Businesses
Country’s Relationship/History to the Topic:
In 1886, Dr. John S. Pemberton and his partner Frank M. Robinson created a distinctive tasting soft drink that shortly became known as “Coca-Cola.” The new beverage quickly spread throughout Atlanta, Georgia, under the leadership of businessman Asa G. Chandler (“Coca-Cola History”). At the turn of the century, Coca-Cola started expanding throughout the country and globalizing to Latin American countries. The first abroad bottling companies were built in Cuba and Panama as the U.S. military expansion to these regions increased the demand for Coca-Cola branded drinks. Shortly after, Coca-Cola spread beyond the western Hemisphere to the Philippines, beginning to test foreign markets for future expansion opportunities (“Globalization and the Coca-Cola Company”).

One of the key components that allowed Coca-Cola to globalize so quickly was the global branding easily recognizable in a world where technology was rapidly expanding. The easily recognizable icons and the readily available information greatly helped increased appeal of the new beverage across the world (“A Coca-Cola Great Britain Case Study”). Furthermore, product differentiation--Fanta, Sprite, Cherry Coke, and so on--allowed the company to meet the consumer demand in the most productive way in order to ensure that globalization would generate revenue and benefits for the…

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