Coca Cola Business Strategy

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Coca-cola INTRO There are many factors, internal as well as external that impact the planning function of management within an organization, and Coca-Cola is no exception. More than a billion times every day, thirsty people around the world reach for Coca-Cola products for refreshment. Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world. The Coca-Cola franchise covers a population of approximately 398 million people. Coca-Cola Enterprises employs approximately 72,000 people who operate 463 facilities, 54,000 vehicles and approximately 2.4 million vending machines, beverage dispensers and coolers. RAPID CHANGE The Coca-Cola Company experienced a period of rapid change…show more content…
One comfort for Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd was a direction by the judge to the village council to renew the plant's licence. He also restrained the council from interfering with the functioning of the factory. The village had sought to rescind its licence and force it to close, but the court said it had no power to do so. However, without water it may have to close anyway. It has been a bad year for the US drinks giant in India, its big expanding market. In August, the director of the Centre for Science and Environment, Sunita Narain, announced that 12 large cold-drink brands manufactured by Coca-Cola and its rival Pepsi, sold in and around Delhi, contained a cocktail of pesticide residues, including chemicals which can cause cancer, damage the nervous and reproductive systems and reduce bone mineral density. The announcement shocked the country even though the company immediately denied the allegations. To help defuse matters, the company has formed the India Environment Council, to be headed by a former chief justice of India, BN Kirpal. The decision was taken at the first meeting of Coca-Cola's newly-formed India advisory board. The board put environment-related activity as a key focus area for the company. It aims to guide Coca-Cola on various issues including future strategies, corporate citizenship, social responsibility and
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