Coca Cola Code Of Conduct

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Working on this assignment, I figured out that codes of conduct not only serve to set basic rules of company, but also represent the spirit of company. Furthermore, it can be a guide to be successful in the company as employee and it helped me understand that I must be well-acquainted with the code to become a professional businessman. I went through Google’s and Coca-Cola’s codes of conduct. Google’s values are to ensure financial integrity and responsibility, to serve users, and to obey the law. Google states that its core value has always been to spend money wisely because Google believes all appropriate actions based on Google’s asset makes up trust to shareholders, company and users. “Don’t be evil.” This is a one slogan Googlers have in their mind when they serve users. It is about providing every user with unprejudiced information, concentrating on users’ needs, and offering best service. Obeying the law, such as competition laws and anti-bribery laws, this is what Google is entirely responsible for. If they violate, there might be considerable loss to Google. Coca-Cola values Quality, Integrity, and Passion. I think the principal reason Coca-Cola became extremely famous is the quality of product—Coke itself is an outstanding invention. Integrity of Coca-Cola can be demonstrated by its unstained policy. Coca-Cola makes their product without any commercial trouble and appropriate cost of product. Passion is what Coca-Cola seems to value much. Coca-Cola encourages its

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