Coca Cola Global Marketing Strategy

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Global branding companies
• Coca Cola: It is a well known for their global branding company. They adopt the global branding strategy through which they effective create international brands and attract audiences. In the year 1980 & 1990, the firm first makes their global presence at the global level by offering standardized goods. Thereafter, they also used global marketing in that they successfully introduced logo names ‘think local, act globally. After that, the Coca Cola Company has been successfully making their brand image in the mind of its customers (Liou and Yang et. al., 2016). Therefore, it is recognized as a global branding product all over the world as they mainly focus on universal values. Apart from this, the Coca Cola Company make their globalize brand through the global campaign that helps them in connecting the people all over the world. It also shows their customers that the Coca Cola is free from calories and caffeine. The global marketing strategy helps them altogether Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola life under the single global …show more content…

The firms select the target market in which the customers have a similar needs, preferences, perception, expectations, and taste etc. They should consider some factors at the time of targeting market are consumer's lifestyle, social status, age group, education and income etc (Caiazza, Very and Ferrara,2017). The most significant decision that firms have to be taken is that to done the marketing function at international or not. Therefore, when they decide to go at the global level they must have known about the legislations and regulations of the global market. Therefore, the firm cannot globalize market as they do not have a sufficient knowledge about the international market’s rules and

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