Coca Cola 's Influence On The Global Community

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“For a 125 years, we have been refreshing the world.”(Coca-Cola) These words explain the long relationship that the Coca-Cola Company has had with the consumers. The Coca-Cola Company was founded in downtown Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. (Coca-Cola) Today Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable fountain drinks in the world. Expansion of advertising techniques, and modern technology have allowed this company to rise above the rest. One ad that is particularly oriented towards the global community is an ad that reaches out to not only Americans but also to the world. This ad attempts to sell to a wide variety of people engaged in every aspect of life. Coca-Cola has expanded to come one of the leading soda companies in the world, they make…show more content…
In the 1900’s Coca-Cola coined two new phrase, “The Great National Drink at the Great National Game” and “The Most Refreshing Drink in the World.” The budget for advertising was ten times what the founders originally spent. The company was rapidly growing, and Coca-Cola became the number one fountain drink served in 1901. Coca-Cola’s first endorsement appeared in the national magazine by Opera singer, Lillian Nordica. This was a huge deal for the company and helped their sales go up. In 1911 the advertisement budget hit the roof and the company had $1,000,000 to work with. In 1913 the”… Company had grown, Coca Cola is distributed via 2,300 wholesalers by more than 415,000 retailers.” (Coca-Cola) In the Late 1980’s Coca-Cola started to distribute their drinks to other companies and it became a worldwide fountain drink. Coca-Cola has become a household name they have sponsored Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta in the 1996. In the 2000’s Coca-Cola created and sponsored other company like “Nestle” and they have also sponsored and signed with professional athletes, car drivers, and etc. Coca-Cola created their own personal Facebook page 2008. In 2011 the 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola was celebrated. Today, Coca-Cola is a major success in the world with their fountain drinks. One particular ad of Coca-Cola has demonstrated all five senses that relates to the ad “America the Beautiful.” First off, the visual viewing of the ad was so beautiful, full of life and
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