Cocain and amphetamines are Addictive and Dangerous Essay

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Cocaine and amphetamines are highly addictive and dangerous drugs that have affected our society today. There have been various forms of cocaine and amphetamines that have become popular and abusive throughout the United States. The forms of cocaine are: powder and crack, and these two forms are seen as highly dangerous to the individuals that abuse it. Also, there are several types of amphetamines which have been noted to be just as addictive and dangerous as cocaine. In this paper I will briefly discuss the different forms of cocaine and amphetamines as well as discuss the treatment options used for individuals with cocaine and amphetamine abuse.
According to Maisto, Galizio, & Conners, (2011), there are two forms of cocaine that consist …show more content…

Also, Methamphetamine brand name is Desoxyn and the slang names are speed, crank, ice, etc. Methylphenidate brand name is Ritalin and Concerta and the slang name is Vitamin R. Lastly, Methcarthinone, which is mostly used in Africa, slang name is cat (Drug use and abuse, 2011, p. 120). Even though medically used amphetamines are used to calm children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), they are still considered to be an addictive and a quite dangerous stimulant (Drug use and abuse, 2011, p. 120).
According to Emrick, Lassen, and Edwards (1977), the treatment options that are available for individuals addicted to cocaine or amphetamines would consist of “peer self help groups” (Drug use and abuse, 2011, p. 372). It was stated by Regier et al., (1993) that a national survey showed over 1.5 million individuals in the United States using self help groups to overcome their drug abuse (Drug use and abuse, 2011, p. 373). In the self help group, the individual must first be ready or motivated to make the changes before attempting to join. There are also professional drug rehabilitation facilities, but not all individuals are able to afford to attend those costly facilities.
In conclusion, the different forms of cocaine and different types of amphetamines are all considered addictive and dangerous to our society. Even though, there are medicinal uses for cocaine and amphetamines, there are side effects that can make life for the individuals

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