Cochlear Implant Essay

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Introduction: Robotics and biomechanics have been around since 600 BC. They have impacted people lives significantly in good and bad ways. Hearing aids have been around since 100 A.D and have helped many people be able to hear much clearer for a long period of time. Another fantastic thing that has been invented are cochlear implants that have been around a lot less than hearing aids as they have only been around since October of 1982. I chose to design a new device that replaces an existing human body part as if that part had been lost. I am designing a device similar to a cochlear implant, however it would be a small piece behind your ear so that it can go unnoticed in daily life. I chose this design as I know someone in my life with a hearing problem. They get teased when they mishear something and often say the wrong thing. If a person get a real cochlear implant some of them think that people would look at them differently. Cochlear implants are different to normal hearing aid because the cochlear implant allow people that are deaf the hear. …show more content…

The first cochlear implant was in October 1982, Melbourne man Graham Carrick. The implant was implanted into his cochlear and then was switched on and in 15 minutes later her could hear for the first time in 17 years. Since that day 200,000 people have had that same experience, that is why I wanted to do a cochlear implant. My upgraded cochlear implant it the same as the normal one it is just less visitable, so the people that are wearing feel more comfortable. This project grew out of the Professor Clarks research at the University of Melbourne during the 1970s, when he became the head of the University’s Department of

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