Cocoa Beach Performance Art Analysis

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1. The concept for my final project is to illustrate the diversity of trash people discard on the beach. Ultimately, the goal will be to motivate people to not litter and draw emphasis to the need to take adequate care of our ocean. I was struck with inspiration of this idea one afternoon while I was meditating after running down Cocoa Beach. During my runs, I would repeatedly feel distressed by the amount of garbage I observed the public leave behind and later on be swept out into the ocean by high tide. I had a vigorous desire to do whatever was in my power to help alleviate this environmental issue. While meditating, the sound of the waves crashing and the sensation of sand beneath my body, the idea for this concept manifested in my mind.…show more content…
My plan was that I will stroll multiple times on the coastline and pick up trash as I go while wearing a shirt with bold letters on both sides states, “Love The Ocean, Don’t Leave Trash.” This performance aspect of the piece aspirates to encourage the people I will run pass to think twice about leaving trash behind. At the end of each run I will photograph the trash on the sand before properly disposing of it. Then, I will use the collection of photographs to generate a painting. I felt compelled to do this project because the two things I am most passionate about in life are art and nature. This idea encompasses both of my passions. I believe that when people observe the painting they will recognize many of the items within the trash and be more mindful in the future about what they leave behind on the beach and how it affects the sea
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