Code Of Conduct For A Behavioral Health Center

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Code of Conduct for a Behavioral Health Center Shaquita Jefferson MHA622: Health Care Ethics & Law Judy Roberts Ethical Code of Conduct for a Behavioral Health Center Clear Mind behavioral health center provides a wide range of excellent counseling and mental health services by well trained, qualified and licensed professionals. Clear Mind has been in operation since 1988. We serve over 20,000 children, adolescents, adults, seniors and their families annually. Ethical issues are prevalent in this field of medicine. Our company has ensured that everyone that is employed with Clear Mind has a thorough understanding of our expectations. Organizational Structure According to Halm (2011), “Organizations do not function in a vacuum. They respond to the characteristics of their environment. Today’s organizations function in a constant state of change driven by a fiercely competitive global economy, advocated consumerism, rapidly developing technologies and increasing competition”. Clear Mind is composed of an executive board of directors, who ensure the smooth running of the entire organization. John Smith serves as our Chief Executive Officer (CEO). CEOs are the "key decision-makers” (Waldman, Siegel, & Javidan, 2006). The CEO ranks as the highest corporate executive in charge of overseeing the entire operation of an organization. The role of CEO typically reports to a board of directors that is elected by shareholders, or others with a financial stake in the

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