Code Of Ethics And Business Conduct Essay

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Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (the Code) speaks ethical conduct in our work environment, business practices and relationships with external stakeholders. This sets out the rules and regulations that all our employees will follow to regulate successful business. Everybody at the organization needs to abide by these rules and principles set, as we will have zero tolerance who disagrees to this.
Our code of ethics include the following:
1. Compliance with the Law:

At our organization, we strive to ensure that the business is operated in accordance to the applicable laws and the security regulations designed by the firm. We believe in commitment to integrity as it is one of the most important priorities of our firm. Each one of us at the organization is having a clear understanding of the laws, rules and regulations and the policies. Any sort of breach or violation pertaining to any law is not permitted and we have zero tolerance for this. Prevention of violation of law and reporting of any such violation activity to the respected personnel or senior authority is solely our responsibility. Any third party businesses can conduct their business with our organization in accordance with all the laws, rules & regulations.

2. Definition of Terms

The partners of this company hold an equal share and have the equal investment as well. Per the process any profit or loss pertaining to business will be shared equally between these individuals. Any sort

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