Code Of Ethics And Ethics

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Code of Ethics
A business code of ethics is a series of established principles an organization uses when operating in business or society. Organizations often develop these codes to ensure that all individuals working in the company operate according to the same standards. Most individuals have an internal code of ethics or moral principles they follow in life. A situation one individual finds ethically reprehensible may not seem so to another individual. Using a code of ethics in business attempts to create a basic understanding of acceptable ethical behavior to be used when handling situations involving the company, government agencies and the general public.
Outline of Ethical code of Conduct:
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These individuals choose the ethical stance of their company since they are responsible for all aspects of the organization. While managers and employees may not agree with the business owner on his ethical values, the owner may choose to hire individuals who agree with his ethical business stance. A business owner may also develop an ethical code based on his personal or religious beliefs regarding how individuals and organizations should operate in business or society.
Organizational Mission
Companies may use an organizational mission statement to create their code of ethics. Once the business owner or entrepreneur leaves the company or passes on, the organization may be devoid of its ethical compass. To rectify this situation, current directors or managers may look at the mission statement and values the organization was started on and develop a code of ethics based on this information. This source of business ethics allows organizations to create a lasting ethical code that may be present in the company for years to come. An organizational mission statement coupled with a business code of ethics may also be used as a training tool for new employees hired by the company.
Society or Culture
An organizational code of ethics may be created based on the current societal or cultural beliefs of the country in which the company is based. Many countries have different understandings of business ethics or morals. An organization may choose

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