Ethics, Law Ethics And Ethics

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When I hear the word ethics, the first thing that comes to my mind is the moral code, standards or values on how we should act as person, these are the rules by which we make decisions between right and wrong or good and bad. Therefore, we based on these rules to make judgments. If a person doesn’t follow those moral standards or values we automatically think that person is a bad person or vice versa. We find ethical standards in everywhere we go. There are Medical ethics, Law ethics, Business ethics and many more but I want to focus right now on Business Ethics. It is important that every business has a moral code to follow. This will help not only the employees but also the customers of the company to know, appreciate and respect the…show more content…
By using this ethical procedure that I am going to describe later it will allow your company to achieve all its organizational goals while protecting and staying honest to not only its employees but to its customers. In fact, this will allow the company to make sure if it’s personal and organizational objectives are line up.
Every business should have some unique features that constitute its aims. There are some features that I think every company should have…
1.Good business skills: By this, I mean that shareholders, board of directors, CEOs, managers in the company should have experience and knowledge on how to run a business. Not every person can run a business. They should know what they are doing; they should know how to make smart decisions that will benefit the business.
2.Social Responsibility: By this, I mean that every business should not only focus on making profits but on how to help society. Although making money is the motivation that keeps a company going but it is essential that the organization value also the society and the people that help the company keep going.
3.Human Satisfaction: By this, I mean that every business should find ways on how to satisfy their clients, employees, suppliers, etc. because a happy client is a happy business. If a client/supplier/employee is not happy with the service provided, keep in mind that he/she is not going to return to your
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