Code Of Ethics : Verizon Communications

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Verizon Communications connects to society not only by suppling 38% of the wireless communication subscription market, but more importantly through its commitment to ethical values and practicing socially responsible policies. Stating these beliefs in their code of ethics, “We stand for integrity, respect, performance excellence and accountability. This reaches beyond products and services, connecting our customers to a larger truth about what we do and why it matters.” (Verizon, 2017) Following a code of ethics, Verizon presents a “Verizon Credo” that goes into more depth about their core values. Considering the ethical and social responsibilities of Verizon as it influences the company ability to be a possible investment, a source to purchase from, or as an employer, research and analysis would reveal Verizon to be a leader in ethical values and funding socially responsible projects. is a recent initiative Verizon has been supporting to invest in education and to broaden the scope of a child’s mind. Verizon strongly defines a set of core values, that are monitored and practiced, setting aside this company to be accountable to their customers on behalf of for their products. Employment under a Verizon adheres to an agreement between the company and its employees. This agreement to operate under ethical standards is clearly defined, enabling the employee to excel along the expected route. Investing in a company requires research that discloses the company’s

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