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Cody Dunaway
English Comp II
Mrs. Clark
Allison Joseph I Don’t Speak Like a Black Person
Speech has always been important; yet being judged by how to speak on a daily basis is what many go through. Not everyone speaks the same, which is why each person is unique. The author Allison Joseph of the poem “On Being Told I Don’t Speak Like a Black Person,” has an precise frame of mind on how people believe that all black people speak differently than others. There is not a certain language that people should speak; it is passed down or learned while growing up. Allison states in the texts “Now I realize there’s nothing more personal than speech that I don’t have to defend how I speak, how any person, black, white, chooses to …show more content…

There is no Black English and Allison Joseph interprets this in her poem.
The last stanza of the poem “On Being Told I Don’t Speak Like a Black Person,” explains how a persons speech really is. “Let us speak. Let us talk with the sounds of our mothers and fathers still reverberating in our minds, wherever our mothers or fathers come from: Arkansas, Belize, Alabama, Brazil, Aruba, Arizona. Let us simply speak to one another, listen and prize the inflections,

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