Coffee And The Coffee Connection Essay

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With the lack of coffee chain stores in southern Iowa, it is no surprise that the locals of Knoxville, Iowa, and surrounding areas look towards The Coffee Connection as their source of coffee. Facing the courthouse, the dark tinted windows allow a glimpse as to what lies inside The Coffee Connection. According to an employee of this establishment, The Coffee Connection has been around for thirteen years. About five years ago, management changed hands. Despite the impression left by the name, The Coffee Connection offers more than just coffee and associated products. It also offers meals, desserts, locally made products, and assorted events for the public. There are certain expectations as to walking into an independent coffee shop for the first time. It is no different for The Coffee Connection. A person expects warmth, the smell of coffee, hipsters, businessmen, and great coffee. While The Coffee Connection meets many of these expectations, some are not met. This is not necessarily a letdown, though, as The Coffee Connection has its own unique charm.
Soft classic rock, light chatter, and warm colors envelop a person as soon as they walk into The Coffee Connection. Surprisingly, the shop does not smell like coffee. In fact, it smells just the same as the outside. The lack of coffee smell is made up for in the environment, though. Shades and tints of a soft orange coat the walls. Despite these warm colors, the air is slightly chilly. A refrigerator hum becomes

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