Cognitive And Developmental Issues: Developmental Assessment of an 18-Month Old Child

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Introduction In order to conduct a comprehensive and successful nursing assessment of an 18-month sound knowledge of what is considered normal growth and normal developmental milestones must be known. In addition, excellent communication skills, strategies to gain accurate assessment as well as a good understanding of family dynamics and function are necessary. A holistic approach requires establishing a good relationship between the nurse, child and parents or caregivers. When Derby and her parents present for evaluation at 18 months, their expectations may be receiving validation that their child is developing normally. They may be looking for tangible information and reassurance about developmental milestones. This includes cognitive, physical, motor, and social and emotional development. This essay focuses on the physical assessment of a toddler - Derby Dudley, who is 18 months, with a specific focus on the cognitive and developmental issues that could affect her physical assessment. The essay will also highlight the strategies that would facilitate the attainment of a comprehensive assessment of 18 months old. Cognitive development, as described by Piaget, is how a child learns and develops their intelligence. He describes intellectual development as a sequence of four principles, which children move through in the same order, but at their own pace (Nakagaki, 2011, p. 370). Development is defined as an increase in function and progression of skills, and proceeds from
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