Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (OCD)

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The final category would be those who hoard. Hoarding was once categorized as a symptom of OCD, but “has since been recognized as its own separate disorder based on evidence indicating differences in cognitive and behavioral processing, course of illness, neurobiological basis and treatment response” (Mattina & Steiner, 2016). But since the action of hoarding can be seen in many with OCD, it is important for it to still be mentioned. Hoarders are those who have trouble throwing anything away because of fear it may be needed or become useful in the future. These objects can include anything and everything, including used paper napkins, useless gadgets or even rotten food. These items eventually pile up and grows bigger and bigger until their…show more content…
This form of treatment was founded by a psychiatrist named Aaron Beck in the 1960s. Cognitive behavioral therapy, also referred to as CBT is an approach a therapist or mental health counselor will take where the main goal is to change the thoughts and associated behavior of the patient This is done in order to allow the patient to function normally. This type of therapy is usually short term, and can very beneficial and allows them to become aware of ways to cope and manage their disorder and the stress that comes along with…show more content…
This line of treatment is only used when everything else has been tried and none of it has worked. Furthermore, it is also only used on those with OCD so severe they are unable to function properly. In other words, this form of treatment is the last resort. Psychosurgery is a medical procedure that is conducted on the patient’s brain. First, it is important to know that those who have OCD have an abnormality or overactivity in their anterior cingulate gyrus. The cingulate gyrus is a component of the limbic system and is involved in the processing emotions, behavior and regulation of autonomic motor functioning. So because of that, the goal of the surgery is to stop the anterior cingulate gyrus from its activity in the patient, which in theory will be able to allow the patient to function normally again. This surgery helps the patient feel less anxiety and distress. But it should be recognized that this surgery, like the majority of other surgeries, comes with both minor and severe possible
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