Cognitive Psychology And Our Understanding Of Human Mind

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Pollyanna Patriota de Almeida Evaluate the contribution of cognitive Psychology to our understanding of human mind. Home Essay 2 Introduction The Cognitive psychology is an area of knowledge that study how people are able to understand, learn, remember and think about certain situations in life, that is, to study the mental processes of individuals. The cognitive psychologist 's task is to discover laws that establish connections between the behavior and the variety of aspects and elements with which the behavior is related. It is understood that psychology is a science that spans multiple areas of expertise and knowledge, as well as the clinical model, social, educational, relations and also through a performance based on cognitive psychology, perspective in order to characterize an area of psychology that aims to study the thought, perception, memory, in order to analyze how the subject perceives the world and how it develops cognitive functions such as: talking, problem solving, memorize, reason, etc. In this sense, the cognitive psychology revolves around the idea that if we want to know what makes people think then we need to understand the internal processes of their mind, the beliefs and motivations. (Robert & Karin Sternberg). This essay is about to evaluate the contribution of cognitive psychology to our understanding of human mind. One of the latest approaches is the Cognitivism, that believe that human behavior
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