Cognitive and Behavioral Theories

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In Psychology there are many different theories; especially about development. And, just like every theory there are pros and cons. Each theory was created by different people with their own perspective and their own biases. It would be ignorant to say that one theory had all the answers. There were two theories I read about that caught my attention, Cognitive and Behavioral. I have heard about the growing popularity of Cognitive Behaviorists and I am curious about how they are similar and different. On the Cognitive part of the spectrum, there was a psychologist named Jean Piaget who created four stages of development. They are called Sensorimotor (birth-2), Preoperational (2-7), Concrete Operational (7-11), and Formal Operational (11-adulthood) stages. In his Sensorimotor stage, babies are using their senses to figure out their surroundings. This explains why, when babies find something, they instinctively put it in their mouth. During Preoperational, children are starting to figure out that words connect to objects. Throughout the Concrete Operational stage, kids are starting to rationally think through their ideas and understand them. They also know the differences between specific objects and how to be reasoned with. In the last stage, Formal Operational, people can understand their emotions and control them while thinking through their experiences. Our text book states that “Jean Piaget changed the way we think about the development of children’s minds” and I agree

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