Cohabitation Can Be A Legally Bound Stranger

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Be a committed roommate instead of a legally bound stranger. Cohabitation can be defined as two people living together who are not legally married with the intention to do so or not. According to, about sixty percent of couples cohabitate before marriage. Although many do not agree with this arrangement for many reasons, there are multiple people, including oneself, that believe this to be a positive idea. Cohabitation can provide financial stability and strengthen the bond of a couple by providing insight on their habits and personal rituals before taking the step to get married. Cohabitating before marriage can financially benefit a couple. Paying rent or two separate mortgages at separate homes when they could share a space and only have one set of bills instead of two is just one example of how this could be beneficial. With the cost of food rising on a regular basis it doesn’t make sense to constantly eat out or buy groceries for separate homes when they could cut the cost living under one residence. By living together before marriage, they could also cut their fuel expenses that are spent from travelling back and forth to one another’s homes to visit with each other. “In a recession, it just doesn’t make any sense for two people who say they love each other to pay separate rents” (Alexia, Para 2). “Cohabitation and marriage could be more successful when they are built from sound understanding and financial foundation” (Living Together, Para 9).

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